On August 2, a group from the Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines Inc., through the recommendation of the Philippine Consul General to Poland, Hon. Melicor Maldemar, visited the Anthonian Institute with a truckload of merchandise for the Ukranian refugees currently housed in the Community.

The Superior welcome the staff headed by Madam Gigi Endaya, and assisted in the unloading of the goods. There was also the occasion to have photo ops and a short interview that will be used for the foundation to document the said donation. The Ukranian refugees were very thankful for the help and there was the heartfelt desire to also share the goods with other refugees around the locality.

The Community is very much honored for the gesture and the desire of the Foundation to extend some more help if the need demands. In this difficult time of the country at war, it is always an awesome experience of the outpouring of humanitarian aids because it is in these moments that uncaped heroes surface. Thanks to the Foundation and more power!