The Anthonian Institute organized a Grill Party 2023 last August 20, 2023, Sunday.

Over 200 plus Filipinos, Polish friends, Indonesian, Mexican, from Africa who came of the said activity. The Grill Party is a yearly activity of the Anthonian Institute with the purpose of meeting together and enjoy the last hurrah of Summer. It was also a moment of camaraderie and friendship but most of all of praying together through the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Fr. Herbie, the superior of the house take the lead of making the activity possible through his constant reminders and announcements every sunday. 

The activity started with the Holy Mass at 12:00 Noon and was presided by Fr. Tirso. In his homily, he underlined the importance of insisting to the Lord what we need especially of the concern of other people. He said, even if sometimes the supplications seems to be impossible because of frailty and sinfulness and eventually be rejected, there is always hope for as long as there is perseverance. It is like the Samaritan woman who beg from the Lord her supplications and at the end, the Lord listens to her because of her insistence and perseverance. during the Holy Mass called the birthday celebrants for the month of August and was blessed by Fr. Tirso. 

While the Mass was ongoing, Fr. Herbie and some volunteers prepared the Grilling of the shared food from the people. After the Holy Mass, the people started to fall in line to partake the Grilled food. The people who came brought with them some food to be shared by everyone. While having lunch, the PH band perfomed through selected songs from the Philipppines. Then followed by some parlor games and BINGO and the most awaited Volleyball league with 3 teams competing. The Green team won the Volleybal game. 

It was indeed a fun-full Grill Party and everyone was happy and their joy was felt through their smiles and laughter. At the end, Fr. Herbie thank everyone for making it possible especially those who volunteered the said activity and those who came and donated something for the event. Fr. herbie announced that the next Grill Party 2024 will be in Wrocław.