Over 70 Filipinos who came from the different areas of Poland to verify their Working Permit to the Office of Migrant Workers.

In cooperation with the Embassy of the Philippines under the office of the Consul General Gerrry, the verification was held at the Anthonian Institute of St. Hannibal located at Stroma 30 in coordination with the Priests assigned through the leadership of Fr. Herbie. The verification started in the morning at 11:00 AM, though some Filipinos arrived at the vicinity very early in the morning so that they can be served earlier and go back to their respective field of work. The office of Migrant workers through the kindness of Ms. Labatt together with her staff conducted an orientation for everyone before the verification. They reminded the OFW's as to the proper connection and system that they have to work on especially to their respective agencies. The verification is very important to the wioks of an OFW as it legalized their stay in the country and that they will be protected by the government agencies most especially the embassy of the Philippines. 

After a 30 mins orientation, the verification started. It was pleasure for some filipinos to verify their Working Permit as they are afraid to be caught while they are staying in the country. Some Filipinos were not ready for the verification as they have to submit some documents online and eventually be verified. With some Filipino volunteers for the said activity, they were happy to serve the Filipinos who came all the way from far places just to make their verification. The activity lasted until 16:00 in the afternoon and all those who came were served by the office and Consul Gerry was happy enough for the success of the activity.