Last June 19, 2022, the Anthonian Institute in Stroma, Warsaw, officially launched the “Anthonian Institute Benefactor’s Office” or AIBO. This was fitting since it was only days after

June 13th, which is the day of the solemnity of St Anthony of Padua, who is declared as the “Outstanding Benefactor of the Institute of the Evangelical Rogation”, according to St. Hannibal.


In order to perpetuate and spread St Hannibal’s work, the community, with the leadership of Fr Ronie Gumagay, RCJ, decided to form the Anthonian Isntiute Benefactor’s Office. The office (AIBO) aims to build the Filipino community in Poland while being channels of God’s providence by sharing with each other and also to deepen their faith through catechesis and spiritual exercises.

The event started with the celebration of the Holy Mass at 12 noon. This was then followed by a potluck lunch and grill with a short program that included games, Zumba and more. Fr. Herbie Cañete, RCJ, Superior of the Anthonian Institute in Stroma, welcomed everyone who attended the event and introduced the Anthonian Institute to the whole community. The event was also graced by the attendance of our beloved Ambassador, H.E. Leah Basinang-Ruiz and her family along with Consul General and Deputy Chief of Mission, Mr Mardomel Melicor and his family.

The event also featured local products and services to help boost the support of Filipino entrepreneurs in the community. It was indeed a fun filled day where everyone was able to share food together, laugh together, and build a stronger community together. Hopefully, this will be the start of greater things to come for the whole community.