July first is a memorable day for the Rogationists. It was on July 1, 1886 when Father Hannibal first brought Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel of the slums in Avignone Quarters in Messina, Sicily.

The then Father Hannibal, prepared for two years the inhabitants of the slum area composed of the marginalized children and adults for two years so that the excitement for Jesus' permanence will be felt. It was Fr. Cusmano who encouraged Fr. Hannibal telling him that Jesus must be in the midst of their day to day activity.

For this reason, the Anthonian Institute also prepared the church-goers to feel the emptiness of the tabernacle without Jesus' presence. After the mass on June 30, the tabernacle was emptied and the Blessed Sacrament was transferred in a suitable place and on July the first, the solemn mass was celebrated by the superior stressing the need to realize the real presence of Jesus and how His children should give due adoration and praise though all are guilty of being unworthy in front of His Majesty. As the people of Avignone waited in anticipation, people nowadays disregard the fact that Jesus always wants His presence in each of them and for them to open their hearts to welcome Him more than they welcome guests in their homes.

After the Solemn Mass, there was a two-hour alternate adoration and then a common meal culminated the remarkable day.